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Lake Wawasee


Kosciusko County, IN

Lake Wawasee is the largest natural inland lake in the state of Indiana. The lake is a home to a variety of fish species.

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Lake Monroe


Monroe County, IN

Lake Monroe is Indiana’s largest body of water by surface area. It is an artificial reservoir that provides water supply, flood control and recreational opportunities. Fishing, boating, swimming, camping and hiking are popular here.

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Prairie Creek Reservoir


Delaware County, IN

Prairie Creek Reservoir is a large artificial reservoir that is great for fishing. This body of water is full of fish to target. Sailing, boating and swimming are also popular activities here.

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Brookville Lake


Franklin County, IN

Brookville Lake is a beautiful and calm lake. There are healthy populations of fish to target. Fishing, camping, swimming and boating are popular activities here.

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Geist Reservoir


Hamilton County, IN

Located near the city of Indianapolis, Geist Reservoir is quite a popular fishing destination. This artificial reservoir provides good conditions to catch some fish.

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Patoka Lake


Crawford County, IN

Patoka Lake is Indiana’s second-largest water body. It is a good place to fish for several species. Bass, sunfish, catfish and crappie are common species here.

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Oldham Pond


Plymouth County, MA

Oldham Pond is a 235-acre pond in Plymouth County. This place offers great panfish and bass fishing conditions.

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Watuppa Pond


Bristol County, MA

Watuppa Pond is a body of water in Massachusetts. The lake attracts a lot of anglers because of its great fishing conditions.

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Merrimack River


Essex County, MA

The Merrimack River is a 117-mile long river in the US. A healthy fish population and a plenty of water access attracts a lot of anglers to this place.

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