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Maximize your fishing success with Fishbox – the ultimate fishing app

Fishbox helps you plan your trips by predicting specific days and times with a high probability of fishing success for any location. Take the guesswork out of your fishing plans with our advanced fish finder app, ensuring you maximize your chances of reeling in the big catch.

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Fish smarter with our fishing forecast prediction algorithm

The fishing forecast is a unique method of predicting fish activity developed in collaboration with the most in-the-know experts and based on accurate weather data and analysis of the factors that affect fish behavior. With our advanced fishing forecasts, you can increase your chances of a productive day on the water by strategically planning your outings based on the most up-to-date information available.

Plan your fishing trips with our fish finder app

Not only current but also incoming weather conditions affect fish behavior. To make sure you don’t miss the best time to fish, check the detailed forecast with hourly forecast, solunar, tides, and waves.

Find the right spot is the first step to successful fishing

Explore your area with our interactive map to find new ideas on where to go or save your favorite spots to create your personal fishing map. With our innovative features, we aim to provide you with the best app for fishing, making every angling adventure memorable.

Discover the best fishing knots

Just choose a knot and follow the clear step-by-step guide to master it in no time. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, our guide ensures you’re well-prepared for your next fishing trip.

Love the forecast feature of the app. When I first installed the app, I immediately noticed that there are a lot of places to fish. I chose places with a good bite. It was one of the best fishing trips I have ever had. Thank you.

Macon Barnes

Macon Barnes


There are tons of information made available to us and I also appreciate the desire to make the app even better by asking the consumer what information they would like to add to the app and/or, what do they like to change about the app to make it better.

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez


I really like what y’all have on Fishing it is absolutely avesome it makes life so easy on the lake thank you. I like the way y’all put what lures to use the temperature of the water is just phenomenal even like the way y’all find fishing holes for the beginners so they can go and catch a fish and have an enjoyable time thank you.

Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser


FAQ about fishing apps

Do you keep my saved data private?

Your privacy is our priority. All the data you save in the Fishbox fishing app is absolutely private. We don’t share the coordinates of your spots or catches saved with other users and don’t pin your spots on our public map.

How often is the weather data updated?

The weather data, as well as the fishing forecast score, is updated at least every 3 hours. Stay informed and make the most of your fishing trips with our reliable fishing weather app.

What’s special about the Fishbox map?

A Fishbox fishing map is being created by our map specialists based on satellite hydrographic maps and open-source maps where anglers from all over the world mark fishy spots in their area. There are more than 1.2 million public bodies of water pinned on our map, about 100k of them were checked and approved as good for fishing by local anglers or biologists.

Is it possible to cancel Pro at any moment?

You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time within your App Store or Google Play subscription center.

Is Fishbox available for free?

The app’s free version offers basic details about fishing locations and offers a sneak peek into optimal times, effective baits, and week-long weather forecasts.

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