If you’re planning a fishing trip to Idaho or just moved to this beautiful state, the first thing on your agenda should be purchasing a fishing license. Not only are you following the law, but you’re also directly contributing to the ongoing health and well-being of the local fishery so that future generations of anglers can enjoy the same, if not better, fishing opportunities we all enjoy.

In the following guide to Idaho fishing licenses, we’ll cover:

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Types of Idaho Fishing Licenses

Idaho offers resident and non-resident fishing licenses, all available depending on how long you plan fishing. They also provide several discounted rates for veterans, active military, seniors, and people affected by a disability.

Idaho Resident Fishing Licenses:

  • Resident Annual Freshwater. 
  • Resident Three-Year.
  • Resident Daily (additional days can also be purchased).
  • Junior Annual (14-17).
  • Junior Three-Year.

Idaho Non-Resident Fishing Licenses:

  • Non-Resident Annual. 
  • Non-Resident Three-Year.
  • Non-Resident Daily (additional days can also be purchased).
  • Salmon and Steelhead Three-Day.
  • Junior Annual (14-17).
  • Junior Three-Year. 

It’s important to note that license types and costs associated with them are subject to change, so be sure to check the Idaho Department of Fish and Game before you hit the water in case there have been any updates or changes to seasons, bag limits, size limits, or closed seasons.

Cost of Idaho Fishing Licenses

Below is a breakdown of the most common Idaho fishing licenses available to both resident and non-resident anglers:

Idaho Resident Fishing Licenses:

  • Resident Annual Freshwater – $30.50.
  • Resident Three-Year – $73.75.
  • Resident Daily (additional days can also be purchased) – $13.50.
  • Junior Annual (14-17) – $16.
  • Junior Three-Year – $37.75.

Idaho Non-Resident Fishing Licenses:

  • Non-Resident Annual – $108.
  • Non-Resident Three-Year – $320.50.
  • Non-Resident Daily (additional days can also be purchased) – $22.75.
  • Salmon and Steelhead Three-Day – $44.75.
  • Junior Annual (14-17) – $23.75.
  • Junior Three-Year – $67.75.

Age Requirements for Idaho Fishing License

For any anglers 14 years or older planning on fishing in the state of Idaho, a fishing license is required. If you’re a resident of Idaho and under the age of 14, you are not required to purchase a fishing license, but each child will have their own fishing limits. For non-resident children under the age of 14, a licensed adult must accompany them while fishing. The child’s catch will count towards the license holder’s limit unless a separate license has been purchased.

Idaho also offers several discounted licenses for people with a disability, active-duty military, veterans, and seniors 65 years and up. To see a complete list of discounts available, check out the Idaho Fish and Game website

Where to Obtain an Idaho Fishing License

If you’re trying to purchase an angling permit in Idaho, the good news is that you have a variety of different purchase options, which makes the process fast, easy, and convenient. The easiest and fastest way to get your permit is by going online and visiting the Go Outdoors, Idaho website.

Please note there is a small processing fee for any licenses which are purchased either by phone or online.

If you would prefer to purchase a fishing permit in person, you can buy one from any of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game regional offices or one of the many license vendors located conveniently throughout the state. For a full list of vendors, check out the interactive map here.

Any Idaho residents who have maintained their license since 2017 or purchased the three-year license option will only pay the 2017 rates thanks to the Idaho Price Lock Program, which rewards regular anglers who purchase a license.

Complete Guide to Idaho Fishing Licenses – Conclusion

Now you’ll know everything there is to know about Idaho fishing permits and licenses, including costs, age requirements, restrictions, and where to buy one.

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If you have any questions about fishing licenses or permits in Idaho, drop a comment below! Our team of angling enthusiasts is happy to answer any fishing questions and loves to read feedback from readers.

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