Thanks to its fantastic warm weather, fishing in Cabo San Lucas is a year-round fishing paradise for angling enthusiasts. Each month of the year brings with it an abundance of terrific fishing opportunities with a variety of excellent sports fish on offer to any angler prepared to make the journey.

While there may be some windy or overcast days that prove challenging, for the most part, the weather is excellent for fishing in Cabo. June through October is the peak fishing season in Cabo, but anytime between January and November, you will see you landing fish in the boat.

If you’re in the planning stage of your Cabo San Lucas fishing trip, the following guide to Cabo fishing seasons will be the perfect place to start, including the best times to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas. In the following Cabo Fishing Season guide, we’ll cover:

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Expert Opinion on Cabo Fishing Seasons

Pierce Latta

16 years fishing experience

“Cabo San Lucas is the definition of paradise for any offshore angler. With unparalleled access to almost all pelagic species, it’s no wonder anglers from across the United States and the rest of the world flock to this remarkable destination. For years, I have wanted to go to Cabo myself. My cousin has been multiple times and has had nothing to say but great things. One of the best things about Cabo is the fact that fishing and the weather are great pretty much all year round. In the article, there is a super helpful chart detailing this very thing. Every single month the bite for at least one species is great. That means you can’t really come at a “bad” time per say. Now obviously there are better seasons than others. For example, if I was planning a trip to Cabo, I would definitely book it for late Summer when species like Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish, Snapper, Grouper, Tuna, and Wahoo are all biting like crazy. Not only could you have days full of action, but you would also most certainly have coolers full of fish to eat as well. As the article continues, it gives a bit of time to discuss the moon phases and temperature and how these can play into the bite. You can make this far easier on yourself by simply downloading the Fishbox App for yourself. This app compiles all sorts of metrics, like moon phases and temperature, that play into the bite all into one simple spot. Use this to your advantage because it is a game changer. Another thing that I loved about this article from the perspective of someone who has never been to Cabo before was the in-depth discussion of what fishing looks like in different months and seasons. Use this to help guide you when you would potentially plan a trip. This can give good intel and allow you to target the species you want based on the different times in the year that you could potentially make the trip down. The final thing that was super great about this article was the tips for beginners. Whether or not you want to believe it, if you’re reading this article and these comments, you are more than likely a beginner in terms of fishing Cabo (like me). This being said, it is important to heed this advice and take it to heart as it is meant to help you have more successful days on the water. The last piece of advice I would recommend to any readers is to utilize the locals. They know every bit of that water and know where to find the fish. Just be polite and kindly ask them to give you some tips and tricks on how to find the fish for yourself. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have and as always, tight lines!”

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Understanding the Cabo Fishing Calendar

In the fishing species calendar below, we’ve outlined the peak fishing seasons determined by species. So, if you plan on targeting a specific fish species on your Cabo fishing trip, check out the calendar below.

Popular Cabo Fish SpeciesJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Calico BassGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGood
Jack CrevalleGoodGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGoodPoorPoorPoorGood
Mahi MahiGoodPoorPoorPoorPoorGoodGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGood
Mako SharkGreatGreatGoodPoorPoorPoorPoorPoorPoorGoodGreatGreat
Yellowtail AmberjackGoodGoodGreatGreatGreatGreatGoodPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor

Taking a fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas could be the most unforgettable fishing adventure of your life. However, there are various factors that can influence how successful your fishing trip to Cabo could be. In the following section, we’ll look at some of the factors that can influence the success of your Cabo fishing trip.

Phases of the Moon

Most anglers agree that the best time to go fishing is the days before and after a full moon or new moon. The phases of the moon can have a direct impact on how the fish bite. During the days before and after a full moon, the tidal forces are stronger, and this affects fish activity. However, don’t panic if your trip doesn’t align with the moon. There’s always a good chance the fishing will be productive in Cabo.

The Water Temperature

In cold water, fish are less active and also tend to spend more time deeper. As the water temperature increases, fish will move closer to the surface, feeding aggressively on bait fish. During the cooler winter months, the water temperatures in Cabo can drop, leading to less fish activity, but if you work hard, you’ll still have a great chance of landing a fish.

When You Go Fishing 

Both the time of the day and the time of the year play a significant role in your chances of catching a fish in Cabo. Like most places, dawn and dusk are the peak or ‘golden hours’ to go fishing. If you want to know the best times of the year, check out the fishing calendar above to determine when your target species is most active and when you’ll have the best chance of landing one! 

A Little Bit of Luck and Experience

Even when all the signs point toward a successful Cabo fishing trip, you still need a little bit of luck on your side. After all, it’s called fishing, not catching. If you caught a fish every time you cast your line out, it wouldn’t be as much fun. We can always do it with a little bit of a challenge!

Cabo Fishing Seasons

Cabo Winter Fishing Season (December–February)

  • December Fishing in Cabo

If you’re trying to get away from the cold winter in the north, then planning a December fishing trip to Cabo is a great idea. It might not be the ‘traditional’ Christmas, but a Christmas vacation spent fishing in beautiful Cabo San Lucas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that any angler would love.

Although they may be a little slower and deeper than usual, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, and Sailfish are still lurking around, along with some big Mako Sharks and Wahoo. If you fancy your luck at a little bottom fishing, then shallow reefs are still producing Jack Crevalle, Calico Bass, Snappers, and Roosterfish.

  • January Fishing in Cabo

New year, new fishing adventure! The temperatures in Cabo in January are still in the 80s, so prepare for some comfortable fishing. If you’re chasing some offshore adrenaline, then the Striped Marlin and Billfish are still lurking off Mexico’s Pacific Coast. 

If you fancy a big challenge, there’s always Mako Shark action in the deepwater, along with the wild runs of big Yellowfin Tuna.

  • February Fishing in Cabo

If your wallet has stopped smoking after the holiday season, then a February trip to Cabo fishing could be the budget-friendly option you’re looking for! Ditch winter and head to Cabo for some beautiful winter weather and great fishing action.

The Striped Marlin and Mako Sharks are still cruising the deep water, providing you with a hard and long fight, and it’s your last chance to land a Tuna for a little while before they migrate out. In the more protected coastal waters, you can expect to catch Snappers, Roosterfish, Grouper, and Yellow Amberjack. 

Cabo Spring Fishing Season (March–May)

  • March Fishing in Cabo

It’s hard to believe that the Cabo fishing season is only just starting to warm up, but believe it! Although the beaches and bars of Cabo can be crowded because of the Spring Break tourists, the fishing action on the water is still as hot as ever.

March is Striped Marlin month in Cabo, but that’s not all that’s lurking out in the deep water. You can expect to encounter Swordfish, Billfish, and maybe even a last-minute Tuna still lurking around. If you’re trolling inshore, expect to encounter Yellowtail Amberjack. 

  • April Fishing in Cabo

The peak fishing season in Cabo is just around the corner, but judging by the fishing action in April, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were already in it. That’s how good the fishing in Cabo is in April.

The inshore action in April is on fire, with Snappers, Groupers, Calico Bass, Roosterfish, and Jacks all active around the inshore reefs and surf. If you prefer deep water, you can expect to land Swordfish or Stripers.

  • May Fishing in Cabo

If you’re looking for lower numbers of tourists, warm weather, and great fishing action, then May fishing in Cabo might be the perfect month for you. In the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, there are a number of game fish just waiting to be caught, including Jack Crevalle, Groupers, Roosterfish, Snappers, and Yellowtails.

As you head out in the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, it’s time to strap in for that frantic Billfish action. The deep ledges, drop-offs, and canyons are prime locations for Swordfish, and trolling the open waters will put you in a prime position to land a monster Striped Marlin.

Cabo Summer Fishing Season (June–August)

  • June Fishing in Cabo

Summer fishing season has officially arrived in Cabo once June rolls in. It’s the start of the peak vacation season, with many of the regulars leaving and Cabo filling up with tourists and visitors, so be sure to book early to avoid missing out on a good charter boat. The same applies to flights and accommodation. Don’t forget to book early!

As the Swordfish and Striped Marlin move on, June welcomes some new Pacific arrivals, including Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and Mahi Mahi. If you want some light tackle action, stay closer to shore for Groupers, Snappers, Snook, Jack Crevalle, and Yellowtails.

  • July Fishing in Cabo

Leave your family to enjoy the inshore activities and sunny beaches in Cabo while you head offshore to land some monster fish! Trolling offshore is where it’s at during July. Both Blue Marlin and Black Marlin are the big target species, but don’t be surprised to encounter Wahoo and Mahi Mahi.

If you want some more consistent fishing with a variety of species on offer, then inshore fishing for Roosterfish, Snook, and Jack Crevalle are all on the table. If you catch a Roosterfish, be sure to grab some photos of this truly spectacular fish for your album.

  • August Fishing in Cabo

It’s still going to be crowded in Cabo during August as the kids enjoy their school holidays, so be prepared to deal with some crowds. The Stripers will start arriving in strong numbers in August, along with the presence of Black Marlin and Blue Marlin. Sailfish will start to make their presence known, along with Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and Wahoo.

If you’d rather stay within sight of shore, then some inshore favorites are still waiting beneath the surface, including Snook, Roosterfish, and Snappers. Be sure to keep an eye out for the local Sea Lions enjoying the warm sun.

Cabo Fall Fishing Season (September–November)

  • September Fishing in Cabo

The tourist season in Cabo is almost over as September rolls around. However, just because the tourists left doesn’t mean the fish did! In the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, Jack Crevalle and Grouper are still going strong, along with some fantastic Calico Bass, Snappers, and Snook. Not only are they a lot of fun to catch, but they’ll also make a delicious dinner too!

Out in the deep water, the Billfish action is at its peak, and the Sailfish are letting their presence be known. You’ll need to strap in for some long hours of trolling, but don’t be surprised if you encounter Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi.

  • October Fishing Season in Cabo

Just when you think the fishing action is starting to slow down in Cabo, it fires straight back up again in October. There’s a variety of fishing tournaments happening, including the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, Bisbee’s Black and Blue, and Bisbee’s Offshore event.

It’s no surprise that Billfish dominate the offshore action, with all three species of Marlin lurking just under the surface. You’ll also catch Mackerel, Wahoo, and Sailfish. If that’s not enough, rig a big bait and get the burley ready for some Mako Shark action.

The Snook, Calico Bass, and Snappers are still on offer inshore if you prefer a little calmer action with less pressure.

  • November Fishing in Cabo

It may be one of the coldest months in Cabo, but the fishing action is still going strong, so don’t put away your fishing gear just yet. And let’s be honest, a winter spent fishing in Cabo is going to be a lot warmer than a winter spent fishing in Michigan or Ohio.

It might not be peak Marlin season, but that doesn’t mean Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, or Blue Marlin are off the table. However, you’ll probably have a better chance of landing a big Sailfish instead. And if they’re not playing ball, there’s always Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi action.

The fishing action close to shore is a little slow in November, but if you persevere, you’ll definitely land some delicious table fish, including Calico Bass, Roosterfish, and Snook. Overall, November fishing action in Cabo may not be at its peak compared to June or July. Still, if you’re on a budget and prefer a less crowded Cabo, then November could be the perfect time to visit this fantastic Mexican fishing destination.

Best Time to Fish in Cabo San Lucas

The stunning blue waters off the coast of Cabo San Lucas are teeming with a variety of excellent fish species, but when is the absolute best time to plan your fishing trip to Cabo? If you’re planning a fishing holiday in Cabo, then you need to know the best time to go and the worst time to go. 

While you can expect to catch fish year-round in Cabo, different species have different peak seasons. That means if you want the best chance of catching your target species, you need to plan your Cabo fishing trip around those months. 

Most Cabo fishing experts agree that the best time to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas is between May and November. This is especially true if your target species includes Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Yellow Grouper, Yellowfin Tuna, or Marlin. 

Beginner Tips for Planning Your Dream Cabo Fishing Trips

Below are some Cabo fishing trip tips for beginners planning their first trip to Cabo San Lucas:

  1. Do Your Research – Before you book a fishing charter in Cabo, do some research. If you can, talk to friends who have used a charter boat in Cabo and see if they have any personal recommendations about which fishing charter companies to use. If you’re in Cabo, take a trip down to the docks and check out the boat in person. Consider the condition of the boat, what type of experience the captain and crew have, and what condition their fishing equipment is in.
  2. What Do Their Reviews Say? – If you’re still in the online planning stage, check out what other anglers have said about them in their reviews.
  3. Get Your Fish Packed Professionally – If you’re planning on bringing your fish back home with you, then you have a few options. You can try and freeze and pack your fish, ship it via a shipping company, or have someone professionally freeze and pack your fish ready for transport. Remember, if you’re bringing fish home on the plane, it can’t have any ice in the cooler or container, so make sure it’s frozen.
  4. Peak Tourist Season – The hot summer months will be the peak tourist season in Cabo, so you’ll have a lot of competition when booking charters, so be sure to book early and be prepared to pay a higher rate. If you’re on a tight budget, then the cooler months will be a lot more affordable, but the fishing can be a little more challenging.

Don’t be afraid to do a little homework and research before planning your Cabo fishing trip. Likewise, asking questions about the charter, their boat, equipment, and previous catches is always a good idea before you commit to booking. By taking some time to plan your Cabo fishing trip, you’ll be less likely to run into any nasty surprises!

Cabo Fishing Seasons: Your Comprehensive Guide – Conclusion

Before you book your plane tickets to Cabo for your dream fishing trip, you have to know the best season to catch fish in Cabo, and thanks to this guide, you’ll be landing fish before you know it.

Remember, if you’re planning a charter fishing trip in Cabo, you must purchase a fishing license for every member of the charter on the boat. Your captain will be able to take payment and provide you with a copy of your license.

If you’ve only got the time and budget for one fishing trip this year, Cabo, Mexico, is well worth a visit! You won’t be disappointed with some of the world’s best offshore fishing.

By utilizing the technology in the Fishbox App, you’ll be able to track weather conditions accurately and predict the best times to hit the water when planning fishing in Cabo. It combines predictive fish behavior with weather, lunar, and tidal conditions to deliver optimal fishing opportunities in Cabo, regardless of whether you’re going fresh or saltwater fishing.

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The Fishbox App was developed in collaboration with accurate weather data and expert fish behavioral analysis. These advanced forecasts will significantly increase your catch rate while reducing your time on the water. Take your fishing to the next level thanks to the expert advice from the Fishbox App team.

If you’re a regular visitor to Cabo and would like to share your experiences with other anglers to help them and make their fishing trip a little bit better, drop a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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